Tahoun Express, LLC  terms and conditions of service will be applied fairly and benefits and facilities will be made available to all staff who should  have access to them, as appropriate. The Company operates a pay and benefits system that is transparent, based on objective criteria and free from bias to ensure that all employees are rewarded fairly for their contribution and loyalty.

Employment policies and practices

The  Company  aims  to  ensure  that  employment  policies  and  practices, including  any  rules  or requirements, do not directly or indirectly discriminate and are applied in a non-discriminatory manner. In  particular  we  will  ensure  that  all  disciplinary  decisions  are  fair  and  consistent  and  that selection  for  redundancy is based on objective criteria.

The  Company  will  consider  making  appropriate  reasonable  adjustments  to  the  working  environment or any work  arrangements  that  would  alleviate  any  substantial  disadvantage  these cause  disabled staff.

We will aim as far as reasonably practicable to accommodate the requirements of different religions and cultures and will consider requests from employees to vary or change their working hours to enable them to care for a dependant.

Working Environment

All  individuals  have  a right  to  be  treated  with  dignity  and  respect  and  the  Company  takes reasonable  steps to protect  staff  from  discrimination,  bullying  or  harassment  and, in  the  event of a complaint, we will take appropriate action to prevent, as far as possible, a further occurrence.

All  staff  are  encouraged to report any incidents  of  inappropriate or unacceptable  behavior  at  work or  that occurs during the course of employment, on or off premises, including at work social events (whether  organized  by  the  Company  or  not) or  at  formal  or  informal  events  involving  staff, customers  or other work-related  contacts.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

The  Company  will  monitor  the  effectiveness  of  this  policy  to  ensure  it  is  achieving  its objectives. Information  collected  for  monitoring  purposes  will  be treated  as  confidential  and  will not be used for any other purpose.

Raising a complaint of discrimination

If  you  believe  you  have  been  discriminated  against , you  should  raise the matter in accordance with the Company’s  Grievance Procedure. If you believe that you may have been subject to harassment you are encouraged to raise the matter under the Company’s Harassment Policy.

Any  employee  who  is  found  to  have  committed  an  act  of  discrimination , or  breached  this  policy in any other way, will be subject to action under the Disciplinary  Procedure, up to and including dismissal.

Non–employees will be subject to appropriate formal action that may, depending on the circumstances, involve terminating any contract or agreement.

The Company will also take seriously any malicious or, in its opinion, unwarranted allegations of discrimination and will take appropriate action, disciplinary or otherwise, where necessary.