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For Courier & Logistics Services

Tahoun Express, LLC. is a registered and licensed Courier and Delivery Services company based in Houston – Texas. We provide local and long-distance transportation of household and office goods and Delivery services. We provide daily services all around Texas and across the United States of America. Tahoun Express, LLC. has been able to secure all relevant license and permits to operate throughout the United States.

We ensure that we abide by the rules and regulations guiding the Moving and Delivery industry and we only hire experienced and qualified drivers with valid driver’s license to handle our vans and trucks. Our customers can be rest assured that they will get quality services at competitive rates.

Delivery Services tahoun
Delivery Services

We will go the extra mile to ensure the safety of goods under our care and our customers get value for their money. At Tahoun Express, LLC. our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers and we pride ourselves on the integrity and competence of our company and employees.
Tahoun Express, LLC. will ensure that all our deliveries of goods are on time and we supersede the expectation of our customers. We will only put Cars, trucks and vans  that are in top shape on the road, and all our drivers and materials handlers will be trained to be extra careful, pay attention to details, courteous, friendly and to abide by the rules and regulations of the industry.

We are quite optimistic that our values and quality of service offering will help us drive our business to enviable heights and also help us attract the number of clients that will make the business highly profitable. We are a company that will be dedicated to establishing good business relationship with our clients giving them value for their money and reasons for them to hire our services over and over again.

We are open to the use of latest technology in the Moving and Delivery industry. No doubt our excellent customer service and the quality of services we offer will position us to always welcome repeated customers and handle massive deals both from government agencies and industrial giants.


Our mission is to ensure that we build a successful courier and delivery services company that will operate not just in Houston, Texas but in the whole of the United States of America a company that will boast of having some of the best and reliable material handlers and transporters in the whole of the United States of America.


Our vision is to become one of the preferred choices of individuals and organizations when it comes to the demand to moving light duty furniture/appliances in the United States of America.

OUR Products and Services

Tahoun Express, LLC will ensure we go all the way to position our business to favorably compete for available market in the industry.

We are going to do all that is permitted by the laws in the United States of America to achieve our business goals. Here are some of service offerings;

  • Providing courier delivery services .
  • Providing express messenger and delivery services.
  • Delivering parcels, documents and packages.
  • Transferring and trucking (without storage)
  • Delivering time-sensitive and high-value-to-weight products
  • Providing grocery delivery services (i.e. independent service from Grocery Store)
  • Providing restaurant meal delivery services (i.e. independent delivery services)

OUR Target Market

  • Merchants and Warehouse Operators
  • Retailers who would want to move their goods from one location to another
  • Manufacturers (furniture manufacturers, and home appliances manufactures , etc ,,)
  • Households who would want to move from one apartment to another
  • Corporate organizations who would want to move from one office to another
  • Government agencies who have cause to move light goods and materials
  • Non – Profits and Charity organizations who have cause to move light goods and materials.